Database Reactivation


We can help you repair existing damages, clear your reputation, safeguard against negative comments and protect your brand / business

When it comes to managing and protecting our customers reputations we are second to none in the industry.

Don’t leave your reputation to chance.

Transform your inactive contacts into leads with our innovative database reactivation campaign

With Sonfu Digital Solution’s database reactivation service, you can reawaken previous customers to generate more leads and turn them into revenue without any ad spend!

Imagine being able to schedule 20 to 50 new booked appointments within the following week with our targeted DATABASE REACTIVATION campaign.

Do you want more leads?

Our strong database reactivation campaign will help you connect with your dormant, unresponsive or lost clients.

Based in Virginia, we understand that some of the best and most loyal clients you'll ever have are those who have previously been thrilled by your services.

Very few business owners have a strategy in place for reaching out to previous customers through a win-back campaign. While the concept is appealing, the real process seems to be quite time consuming.

But the reality is that if you're not seeking database reactivation of your former clients, you're losing some of your best leads.

That’s where Sonfu Digital Solutions comes in!

Our database reactivation system performs the outreach for you and automatically fills your schedule with new appointments from existing clients.

So, what is a database reactivation campaign?

A database reactivation plan helps business owners in precisely targeting their outreach to generate more revenue or leads from inactive customers who are no longer working with them or have moved to another competitor.

Traditional marketing approaches are sometimes too pricey for smaller businesses, making database reactivation campaigns a magic solution.

By implementing the ideal database reactivation campaign, your small business can get their  previous clients back, all while getting the best experience possible.

One study found that getting a new client is five times more expensive than maintaining an existing one!

Our Database Reactivation Process

Our successful database reactivation process includes a robust lead generation and lead nurturing strategy that will help you take your business to the next level, with more revenues generated from your current database.

We will get you more leads!

Lead generation services are an important aspect of increasing your business earnings

That is why, to boost the interest levels of your past customers, we create and implement the most successful techniques for your business.

Through database reactivation, we can generate high-quality leads with the highest possible conversion rates.

Our Lead Generation Services are designed to deliver hot leads from inactive customers who are interested in hearing from you. We develop reliable strategies to keep your leads structured, up to date and properly informed about your products or services.

How do we generate leads?

Lead Generation is our specialty. Through our database reactivation services, we analyze your distinctive business, identify your goals and create a marketing plan to obtain the best return on investment.

Let us Nurture Your Leads!

Contact us now to learn more about our lead generation services!

We will ensure that your incoming leads from your current database transform into customers.

It often takes your clients weeks or months to make a choice, so it's really important to nurture your leads over time to convert them into potential customers.

Why Lead Nurturing?

Very few businesses have an individual who can drop everything and reply to every single lead within minutes of first contact.

Lead nurturing is the process of developing and strengthening relationships with inactive clients, as well as providing them with the information they need to establish trust and make a purchase decision.

Order the perfect database reactivation campaign from Sonfu Digital Solutions today!

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