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We are a Colonial Heights Digital Marketing Agency that help local businesses reach their growth potential and dominate their markets by implementing proven marketing systems.

Our job is to be experts in marketing, and specifically local marketing, that leverages technology to achieve maximum results, so that our clients can focus on what they do best – running their business.

Bring Your

Old Leads Back

To Life

Generate leads organically with the help of your database

What Is Database Reactivation?

Database reactivation is the process of cleaning up and consolidating your customer records while making use of retargeting to turn old customers into new leads. By enticing clients back into your fold, you can build an engaged and loyal customer base, drawing on those who have been thrilled by your services previously.

Our marketing platform takes out the time-consuming parts of customer reactivation, so you can focus on selling to your new (old) clients. You could see up to 20% of your data leading directly to sales and appointments, while saving you money on the cost of outside lead generation.

Discover how Sonfu Digital Solutions can help your business thanks to records that are collecting dust in your database. The great service you’ve previously provided means these leads come with a high conversion rate.

3 Easy Steps To Guaranteed Leads

Forward us your customer list

Our team cleans up your data and starts contacting customers

You take care of the newly booked appointments from your reactivated leads

Our Promise: 2x ROI Within 90 Days Or We'll Work With You for FREE Until You Do

At Sonfu Digital Solutions we’re so confident in our customer reactivation services that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. With our approach and optimization strategies, we guarantee to double your return on investment with us within 90 days, with a performance guarantee available if you don’t.

By leveraging your existing records, we can bring back up to 20% of your total clients into continuing customers, giving your sales a boost without generating new leads. Many businesses using this strategy experience 4x-6x within the 1st 30 days. Get in touch today to find out how much your business can grow.

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Why We're The Right Choice For Your Business

If your business has been in operation for a couple of years and you have customer records available, lead reactivation can be your path to an engaged and ready-to-buy-client base.

It’s easier to make money from existing clients than spending money on gaining new ones, so our approach boosts your sales and lowers your advertising budget.

Because all our work is done inside your database, you won’t have to manage ads and spend money continuously optimizing them and can spend this time focusing on your newly generated leads.

Our team are also available and guarantee to contact any customer getting in touch within ten minutes. This gives your leads a human touch, while utilizing algorithms to boost the those reached by re-targeting. Take the hassle out of finding customers and start reigniting your data with the help of Sonfu Digital Solutions.

About Our Team

At Sonfu Digital Solutions, our business is helping your business reach its full potential. We have years of experience in helping businesses better connect with digital clients, and our team have helped companies with all aspects of growing your customer base.

We put your business goals first, ensuring that we can help you reach them in the short and long term. Our lead reactivation services put the most focus on your business, as we don’t need to worry about managing ads, but only optimizing offers to clients. Find out how much we can grow your business by getting in touch today.

3 Reasons To Reactivate Your Leads

90 Day Performance Guarantee

Meetings With Leads Booked By Our Team

Save Money By Reducing Ad Spend

How Our Team Nurtures Your Leads

We know the importance to customers of receiving a human touch when interacting with brands. That’s why our team are committed to going the extra mile for all leads generated.

We will call all leads within 10 minutes of them responding to your retargeting, letting every customer know how much you value their business. If we’re not receiving enough responses with our first approach, we’ll also keep optimizing until we find the way to connect with your clients.

It often takes your clients weeks or months to make a choice, so it’s really important to nurture your leads over time to convert them into potential customers. With the help of Sonfu Digital Solutions, all your newly regenerated leads can become customers.

Save Money With Reactivation

The future of your business can come from it’s past. With database reactivation, you can build your business without blowing up your budget.

By organically getting you leads from your own records, you can reduce the amount you spend on ads aimed at lead generation. What’s more, optimizing your retargeting to customers is easier to manage and less expensive than optimizing an external ad campaign. To boost your sales while reducing your costs, choose Sonfu Digital Solutions.

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